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My job, is made of suck.
Everyone says this, but mine really does.
I've had days where I was doing nothing but scrubbing shit (actual shit, as in fecal matter with pieces of undigested food and the stench from hell) off of someone's ass all day long. Or cleaning shit off the floor. Or dodging getting hit or bit or scratched or smacked.
I work my shift.
I go in on my days off if they need me (ON TOP OF A FULL TIME SCHOOL SCHEDULE)

And when I request the weekend off, I get told "eh, probably not" because we're short staffed by one. But! Another worker can take a week off of work in the middle of the month because she asked for it off. This same worker told me, flat out, not to expect her to offer to take one of the nights I want off, because it's her night off too.

I am going out of town to see my fiance, who I only get to see once a month if we're lucky, and I asked two months ago for that weekend off.

But probably not.


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