Stop Crying. It's a Splinter not an Amputation.

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Sorry for flaking the last couple of weeks. I've been a bit sidelined between the kids in school, home schooling my daughter, work, family, etc.

This morning I think I might have scared the hell out of my husband. A tough thing to do considering we've been together for 16 years. It really came out of the blue and without giving a really long story, I might have blown up a bit over something that appeared small.

My mother's nephew is married to the owner of the company my husband works for. The girls and I refer to her (cousin's wife) as P.T. as not only does daddy own the company, but she works along side my husband as well.

She had the nerve to complain about my mother to my husband. My mother is in very tight with my cousin's sister (in fact, it caused a huge falling out between brother and sister) as well as their mother and grandmother. So, when grandmother was in the hospital my mother showed up to offer support to my female cousin, her mother, and aunt. My male cousin and his wife P.T. showed up at the hospital and were apparently deeply offended by my mother's presence and so moved to the far end of the hallway so that, as P.T. put it, my cousin wouldn't "do anything" to my mother.

As much as I love knowing people see my mother for the conniving, manipulative twat she is... I also have a big problem with THEM being so offended by her mere existence. You see, my mother really hasn't done ANYTHING to them. Certainly not like she has to me or my family. I'm sorry, but causing a little tiff between you and your sister (which was brewing anyway since sis had a tiff going with daddy and you love kissing daddy's ass) is no where near say... harassing your daughter at school, harassing your son at school, hitting on your husband, or attempting to sweet-talk your husband into having you committed to a mental institution against your will. Serious shit, unbelievable, even to me, every time I read it or think about it. Regardless, if anyone has the right to have their knickers in a serious twist it's me, not my husband or his stupid twat faced wife, who, by the way, my mother would eat for lunch. That's not defending my mom, that's just telling you how stupid P.T. is to even begin to think she could handle my mother in any shape or form.

So, when my husband told me about this I might have loudly voiced "Fuck [cousin's name]" in a fairly quiet room. Then I had to explain to my husband how I wasn't defending my mother - just irate over the fact that no one in this family has stood up for us or cared, even remotely, what happened to us or what she did to us. But, cause a little tiff between a brother and sister and OMG, you'd think my mother was ripping the legs off of baby kittens. My cousin "might have done something" to my mother if he hadn't stayed at the other end of the hallway - kiss my ass. You have no right to be that angry. None. You don't have a CLUE what it is like to be betrayed or attacked or harassed. So, suck a big one you dim-witted, fuck wit.


Surreal SaDiablo said...

I say we pool our resources and just hire out a hitman. Think we could get a group rate?

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